Headline for Best Bible Commentaries on Psalms



by James Montgomery Boice

Psalms 1-50, 51-100, 101-150 (WBC)

by Peter C. Craigie (V. 1), Leslie C. Allen (V. 2), and Marvin Tate (V. 3)

Psalms 1-72 and 73-150 (KCC)

by Derek Kidner

Psalms 1-72 and 73-150 (TPC)

by Donald M. Williams

Psalms 1-72 (NIVAC)

by Gerald H. Wilson

Psalms 1-72 (Teach the Text)

by C. Hassell Bullock

Psalms (HOTC)

by Steven J. Lawson

Psalms (Interpretation)

by James L. Mays

Psalms (TOTC)

by Tremper Longman III

Psalms (UBCS)

by Craig C. Broyles

The Book of Psalms (NICOT)

by Nancy L. deClaisse-Walford, Rolf A. Jacobsen, and Beth LaNeel Tanner

The Psalms (OTL)

by Artur Weiser

The Treasury of David

by Charles Spurgeon